Sponsorship Level Business Name Promoted at Event Multiple mentions on Facebook/Twitter Logo on our website Mentions on Facebook/Twitter Name on our website
$1,000+ X  X  X  X
$500-$999  X  X  X
$250-$499  X X  X
$100-$249 X  X
Percentage of sales  X  X  X

How do you make a donation?

OPTION 1: Donate HERE via PayPal.
OPTION 2: Email Michelle Carson about your in-kind raffle item or event support donation.
OPTION 3: Mail checks payable to “MHS Grad Night” to Nancy Brincheiro, 14 Geneva Road, Melrose, MA, 02176.

Melrose Grad Night is a not-for-profit 501c3 organization so your business contribution is tax deductible (Tax ID #043489681). 100% of your donation go esdirectly toward program costs.