More than 20 years ago the idea of a “Project Graduation” was born in Maine, following a tragedy involving members of the local high school’s senior class on their graduation night.

Now in our sixth year, Melrose Grad Night is an annual, substance-free, all-night “lock-in” party for all members of the MHS senior class, the night of the MHS graduation ceremony. More food than they can eat and more entertainment than they can bear surround the seniors from about 10:30 PM Friday to 5:00 AM Saturday, culminating in breakfast and amazing raffles.

Volunteers from the community take an entire year to plan the event. Each Grad Night party is different and the theme of the evening is a surprise until the instant our senior class walks through the door. In years’ past, we’ve celebrated graduation with sumo wrestling, shark surfing, a petting zoo, and a roulette wheel. Our students have been treated to prizes such a big screen TVs, dorm fridges, and gift certificates.

Before the event, we email students an MGN Participation form that describes the event and asks for student details.

There is not a dry eye in the house as the senior class eats breakfast together while viewing a slideshow of their evening and their memories from their time at Melrose Public Schools.

We need you to keep the party going. Please donate and volunteer!

Check out photos from 2014, 2015, 2016 , 2017, and 2018!